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August 11, 2021
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October 6, 2021
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10 Quick Tips About Storage

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Here at Stop and Store Victoria, we are always looking to make your life easier. Checkout our list for 10 quick storage tips to make storing a breeze.

10 Quick Storage Tips

1. Choose the Right Box.

Get yourself small and large boxes. Store the heavy items in the small boxes to prevent the boxes breaking, and reserve the bigger ones for blankets and large light items.

2. Pack Your Boxes Right.

Don’t pack more than you can lift. The last thing you need is to put your back out lifting boxes, resulting in unneeded costs of hiring professional movers.

3. Use Hanging Wardrobe Boxes.

Don’t want to ruin your dresses or pants? Use boxes with built-in hanging racks, this will keep your clothes upright and allow for easier access when you want to take things out.

4. Close Boxes with Quality Tape.

You want to seal your boxes from the elements. Using a cheap tape like scotch or painter’s tape will allow moisture and dirt in when it eventually falls off. Clear packing tape is the way to go.

5. Label Your Boxes.

The last thing you want to do is sort through a mountain of boxes looking for that one item. Label as you pack and you will never lose track of what is where.

6. Prep Your Power Tools.

Drain the fluids and wrap the cords. Leaking fluids can wreak havoc on your other items and smell the whole unit up. To ensure your tools last, drain them.

7. Wrap Your Furniture.

This is why furniture pads and blankets exist, don’t risk damage to your furniture because accidents do happen, and you can rest easier knowing you’re protected.

8. Make Items as Small as Possible.

Fold and fold and wrap and wrap. The amount of space you can save by making items smaller is astounding.

9. Figure Out What Size Unit You Need.

Once it’s all packed, measure the amount of space you need, and rent the appropriate unit. At Stop and Store, we can always help you with sizing, call us today.

Follow these quick storage tips and make Stop and Store Victoria your number one choice when it comes to Self Storage.


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