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Common Self Storage Mistakes

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Whatever you do at your self storage unit, DO NOT make these storage mistakes. Well they aren’t that bad, but should be avoided regardless. We have years and years of experience with self storage, and we have put together a list of the things that some people do that much us scratch our heads.

Top Storage Mistakes

All these mistakes will cost you money and time, so trust us and avoid them at all costs. We are not liable for any of these mistakes you make. 

Not Buying Insurance

We at Stop and Store Victoria love to give you the customer choice, and unlike many other storage companies, we give you the choice  to buy insurance or not. But, please strongly consider buying it, its something that can save you a mountain of headaches and money. If you do not purchase storage insurance, you are liable to ANYTHING that happens to your goods outside our control. Things happen, so be prepared.

Newspaper as Wrapping

Please do not use newspaper to wrap items. It may seem like a cheap alternative and readily available for free, but there is a reason for that – it stains many items. These stains will not come out of some things, and you are going to be quite upset at yourself when it comes time to unwrap. Spend a few bucks and go for some ink-less wrapping paper. Grab some here.

Perishable Food

Self storage units are not a kitchen or pantry. Do not store perishable food with us, it will spoil and attracts rodents and bugs. This will ruin your storage unit and your neighbours and leave us very cross, it’s a big no no.

Not Allocating Time

Moving and storing items takes a lot more time than people think. Do not rush this job, the more you rush, the more mistakes you make, the more disorganized the unit becomes and the larger headache you have. Take the day off if you can, or choose a weekend and get there early in the morning, we are open at 6AM!

That’s it! These are the top storage mistakes that we see, and now you can avoid them an ensure a silky smooth move in. Looking to move in today? Call us now, and we can have you a unit in minutes!

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