Business Storage

Stop and Store provides tailor made business storage solutions for your business. Stop and Store is a companies best value storage option

  • Is your organization expanding or simply overstocked?
  • Need more space for archiving, tools, machinery or merchandise?
  • Need to store excess stock to relieve the pressure of expensive warehouse space?
  • Expanding the company but need to stay flexible to minimise costs?
  • Expand your home based or eBay business

Whatever the reason, Stop and Store provides storage solutions for your business.

Are You a Business Owner? We offer special business discounts!

How can Self Storage help your business?

Ideal for Small Contractors and Trades

Keep product, tools and equipment that you use regularly secure in one place so team members can swing by to grab what’s needed for the job that day. Our sealed container is locked and vandal barred, reducing theft and vandalism, while also protecting your goods from the elements.

Self-Storage to Meet Your Business Needs

Stop and Store is ideal for long-term customers in the Penticton area. We offer discounts for annual or semi-annual pre-paid units. We are centrally located and offer 24/7 access, protected by monitored gate access control and CCTV. Several members of your staff can all have access your unit.