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Checklist for your move

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We know that this time can be stressful, so hopefully this outline helps make your move easier. From reminders of where to change your address to helpful hints in preparing early, this checklist for your move is here to help! Did you know that Stop and Store Victoria can help you move? Store all your residential storage items with us and grab them when you are ready!

A Quick Checklist For Your Move

1. Address Changes

Postal service, bills, ICBC, Doctor and Medical records and any school institutions. It’s important to change your address before you move  in order to have the change go as smooth as possible.

2. Disposal Items

Charities, family and friends may benefit from some of the things you don’t need. Consider them before a trip to the dump. If you aren’t sure, you can always choose to store these items temporarily.

3. Measure Space

Measure the space in your new home. Make sure your furniture will fit. There is nothing worse than realizing on moving day you don’t have room for your stuff. The blueprints of your home provided by your Realtor will help with this!

4. Prepare an essentials box

Remotes, screws, bed supports. Put things that are vital and easy to lose in this box, it will make unpacking a breeze!

5. Food Planning

Use up your perishables a couple of weeks before you move. Transporting these food items is risky and they may spoil. If you do choose to bring these, make sure your fridge is set up!

6.  Plan Early

Start thinking early, It’s never too early to start getting organized, moving is a bigger task than most of us realize.

Follow this checklist of a quick and easy move. And as always, if you need storage, Stop and Store Victoria is here for you!




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