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5 Ways to Winterize Your Home

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Almost a month until the winter solstice and we are still very much feeling the effects of La Niña. With it seemingly warming up for the time, it’s soon going to drop back down. With more snow in sight, and probably rain, it’s a good idea to go out and winterize your home if you haven’t already.

Winter Proof Your Home

It’s never too late to prepare your home. The weather could get a lot worse within the next month.

1. Salt

This is something many people forget to grab before it’s too late. Almost every store was out of road salt when the big snow storm hit a few weeks ago. As the snow eases off, it’s a good time to go a stock up. Remember you don’t salt after the snow starts falling, you are wasting your salt. Get a good layer before the snow and it will help keep your driveways clear.

2. Doormats

Lugging snow into your home and the water and dirt that comes along with it takes a toll on your nice doormats. Change them out for some durable plastic or rubber mats. Make sure that you don’t care how torn up these get. Buy some with hard bristles to scrape away all that snow and dirt.

3. Close Drafts

Heating is the most expensive thing you can do during the winter. So you want to make sure that you keep all the heat that you can. Checkout all the windows and doors inside your home and close any small gaps that are letting a draft through.

4. Get Rid of Summer Stuff

Beach toys and sandals in the winter? No, thanks. Don’t let summer items clutter up your home during the winter. If the garage is full, look into renting a self storage locker. Swap out the winter stuff for the summer when the sun finally comes out.

5. Emergency Food

What’s worse than being stuck in a snow storm without the food you want? Make sure to hit the supermarket and grab just a few extras of your family’s favourite foods. When a snow storm does hit, you don’t have to risk driving in the bad weather.

The winter will be over soon, but in the meantime, make sure that your home is ready to handle it. Thinking about storing those summer toys? Give Stop and Store Victoria a call today! We won’t be beat in the price of our self storage units.

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