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Seven Ways to Make the Best Use of Your Self Storage Locker

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We see so many people rent larger lockers than they need because they poorly plan the space. We see others stack them too full and too high – then they can’t find things that they need. Here are some excellent ideas to make the best use of your self storage unit.

Make The Most of Your Storage Locker

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Furniture at the back or one side.

If you need to retrieve items, it is more likely to be from boxes. You don’t want to move furniture out of the way every time to want to rummage in your unit.

Photos – Lots of Photos.

Use your phone and take photos of items as you pack and as you fill up your locker.  This has two benefits. It will help you remember what was packed in which boxes.  If there is a fire or loss in your locker, your photos will make it easier to get paid by the insurance.

Install shelves and create a walkway.

Even cheap old shelves will help you access and see items like small appliances. You can stack thing higher but put the heaviest items on the lowest shelves. The walkways will allow you to quickly access and retrieve items out of your storage locker and make your labels easy to spot.

Place frequently accessed items in front.

Probably one of the most important rules for organizing your self-storage unit is to place frequently accessed items towards the front, so you don’t have to rearrange or dig through the contents of your unit.

Clearly label your boxes.

Time spent in labeling boxes will pay off. Even a few details with a marker pen will help. Do this on two sides of each box. Then place the label side out when filling your locker.

Use clear plastic bins or tubs.

Plastic containers are the best way to protect items against moisture and dirt, and clear plastic varieties are a great way to quickly see what’s inside. They also make for easy, uniform and ultimately safer stacking.

Use dust covers.

Place mattresses in plastic storage bags and cover upholstery and furniture with a sheet or tarp. Old sheets can be used if you don’t want to buy special bags or prefer not to use plastic.


Some organization up front takes time, but it is so worthwhile. Planning will make your storage a more convenient and useful experience.

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