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Another Reason You Need Storage Insurance

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Insurance is a funny thing, some people see it as unnecessary and some swear by it for the peace of mind. At Stop and Store Victoria, we see it as a necessity. Even thought we give our customers the choice in having insurance or not, we highly recommend it. It’s cheap and brings you peace of mind. Need more convincing? Checkout this story from a Texas storage facility.

Another Twist to Why You Need Storage Insurance

This week, a tornado whipped through Livingston, Texas and caused serious damage at W&W Self Storage, ripping apart a building and leaving several units and their contents drenched by rain. It tore off the roof and walls. Tornadoes number a 100+ each year and they hit self storage facilities a few times each year in Canada and USA. Twisters are real. Buy Storage insurance. More on this story here.

Flooding Happens — but It Isn’t Insured

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Almost any part of the USA or Canada has experienced local flooding sometimes – maybe a stream overflows or a fire hydrant bursts. That includes self storage units. As we tell renters “Our motto is if it’s worth storing it’s worth insuring” However most contents insurance won’t cover floods.  So, how can you protect yourself?

Flood is defined as water moving over land.   Water from a fire hydrant or burst pipe would be covered, however rain, rising rivers etc would not be.

  • Your home or rental insurance may offer flood coverage.  Switch to that from storage insurance, but check that home insurance doesn’t have a small-time limit like 90 days.
  • Get items off the floor by using cheap wood pallets.
  • Or make the bottom layer plastic tote boxes instead of paper boxes.

It’s key to be prepared and it’s always good practice to take as many precautions as you can. In rainy Vancouver Island, flooding can happen, we will do as much as we can to protect your items, and so should you.

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