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December 13, 2017
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March 7, 2018
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How to Digitally De-Clutter

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You may not think about digitally de-cluttering. The fact that a million photos can take up almost 0 space makes us forget that they are even there. However, it’s just as important to keep your digital space clutter free as it is your physical one.

Why You Need to Digitally De-Clutter

1. Backup Everything

For each device you own, back them up. All Apple products offer iCloud for backups, and most Android devices have Google Drive. Take advantage of these cloud based systems to backup smaller devices. For computers and laptops, purchase some external hard drives and back them up. A couple of terabytes will work just fine. If you don’t backup your devices and start deleting things, you may find yourself wishing you did. If you have lots of hard drives that need secure storage, we offer small secure storage units for low monthly prices.

2. De-Clutter in Stepsdesktop, apple, mouse

If you have never de-cluttered your desktop or laptop, it might seem quite daunting. Start with your desktop and go through each folder and icon and remove everything that you don’t need. Next, head into your downloads folder and purge everything you don’t need from it. As a rule, I always keep my downloads folder empty, if I need to keep something, it goes where it should. After that you can head to you “programs” in the Control Panel and remove any unused programs.

3. Emails Next

Start by finding all the email accounts you have and start to remove the ones you don’t need. Next go through each one and start deleting unnecessary emails. A cluttered inbox means a cluttered mind. While you are in there, you might consider upgrading your passwords. Lastpass has a great system for remembering passwords and it’s very secure.

4. Unsubscribe

Go through you inbox from the past few weeks and unsubscribe from each thing that you no longer, or never wanted to have in the first place. is a great place to mass unsubscribe yourself if you can’t get everything yourself.