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The Ultimate Guide to Online Selling

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Making some spare cash is always a good thing. Summer tends to be a more expensive time of year and we all have a few things lying around that we could get rid of. If you think that these items are worth something, try selling them online. Online selling has exploded in the past 7–10 years, with sites like Craigslist, eBay and Amazon taking the lead. Here is the ultimate guide to online selling.

Online Selling: Easier Than You Think

1. Price

This is where some good research comes in handy. Before you grab a price out of thin air, make sure to check around. First go and see how much the item is selling for brand new, then check all the online marketplaces and see how much it’s selling for used. With these numbers in mind, give your item a FAIR price, if it’s too high you won’t get any interest, too low and your inbox will explode. Find a nice medium fair price.

2. Photos

You wouldn’t buy anything that didn’t look good, would you? The same goes for other people, you have to make what you are selling look nice. Let’s rundown a quick checklist before you start taking pictures.

  • Clean
  • Placed on blank (and clean) surface
  • Well lit
  • Multiple Angles
  • Good Camera

Follow this list and experiment with lighting and angles to get the best photos. A good rule of thumb is having 4–6 photos of the item you are trying to sell.

3. Choose a Platform

There are TONS of online selling platforms available for use. Facebook has local buying and selling groups for your city, Craigslist is the easiest to use and has the biggest audience, while eBay will get you international buyers if your item is sought elsewhere in the world.

4. Description

The last thing you want to do is write a great headline and better description. If you are having a hard time, go find the item elsewhere on the internet and take inspiration from that description. People generally want to know 3 things: Price, Features and Condition. Keep it simple and know that selling may take some time.

5. Patience

Don’t assume that all your items will sell right away. In fact, most items will take around 1-2 to sell. You will be negotiating, dealing with flakes and re-posting your items. If you have too many items and are planning to sell them in the future, look into renting a self storage unit, you can meet your buyer at your unit for extra safety and security.

Want more? Here is another great guide on selling items online.

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