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5 Items you MUST Store Before Selling Your Home

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Thinking of selling your home? Maybe you are already in the process of selling it. Either way, it is important you read this article. We have the top five things that you must store away before you begin to show your home to perspective buyers. Check it out.

5 Must Store Items Before You Sell

1. Personal Items

That’s right, who wants to see personal items when looking at a home? No one does. A big part of selling a home is giving the people viewing it the opportunity to imagine themselves inside it. It is difficult to do that when you are staring at photos of a strangers’ grandma in each room.

2. Unsightly Furniture

You may love that old sofa, but other people sure won’t. Keep tattered, ugly furniture and fixtures far away from any open house you put on. Having items like this make people think that if you do not care about these items, you might not have looked after the house all that well.

3. Lawn Items

Any kind of garden gnome or pink flamingo on your lawn is going to instantly turn off any buyer. These items are purely objective on whether people like them or not, and most do not. Be on the safe side and put these items into storage.

4. Artwork

Art is something many people disagree on. You may love the painting of you riding a bear shirtless hanging over your bed, but your buyers won’t. Just like furniture, it’s best to store it away. This also goes for very valuable pieces, home thieves are known to visit open houses to “scope” out the home.

5. Collectibles

This goes for all collections. Video games, dolls, anything that is obscure and not well known. Remember, you want to make sure the potential buyers can imagine themselves inside your home. Staring at a room full of dolls is something that they cannot forget.

Keep these five items out of sight and we are sure you will have a great home selling experience. Most real estate agents do this for you, but just in case.

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