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April 9, 2021
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Amazing Garden Storage Ideas

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Do you have a green thumb? Do you love gardening? If so, you are probably the owner of many garden tools, both big ones and small ones. If you are like many gardeners, however, your tools are probably stored away haphazardly in your shed or under your stairs, where it is dark and difficult to find what you are looking for. A good idea this summer is to invest some time into finally organizing that mess, allowing you more time to enjoy doing what you really enjoy doing, and that’s gardening! Your garden (and your sanity) will thank you!

Garden Storage Ideas


Whether you decide to store your tools in a shed or at our storage facilities, it is best to organize and order your tools ahead of time. The first step is to go into that old shed or crawl space and clear out everything. And I mean everything. Pull out everything so that you can see what you have and take stock of what needs keeping and throwing away, first. That old lawnmower that doesn’t start up anymore? Recycle or sell it on to someone who can restore it to its former glory. That old garden gnome? Despite what grandma says about it tomato yielding powers, toss it away. We want to be clean and organized! Now that there’s space, let’s organize!

Quick Tips

Here are several simple and neat tips and tricks to keep in mind when you go to organize your new space. With a few nails, all your shovels and hoes can be hung neatly alongside each other from the handles. If you plan to store with us, invest instead in a wooden garden toolholder to hold and neatly store all those rakes and shovels. If you have an old rake or fork, the old head of the fork can be re purposed to hang all your small hand tools by putting them on the individual teeth. A makeshift clothesline using a taut string can be used to hang all your pairs of gardening gloves from. Keep all these points in mind as you go to organize that special green space in your life!

Stop and Store Victoria can store all your outdoor tools all year long! Have some great garden storage tips? Share them below!

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