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September 15, 2020
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Snowbirds Leaving Victoria?

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Snowbirds, Keep Items Safe With Us

Snowbirds! When you travel away for the Winter, it can be a scary thought to leave your most valuable items at home alone for an extended period of time. By choosing our secure mini storage units, you can rest assured that all your valuables will be exactly where you left them when you get back home.snowbirds, travel

Storage Can Help Save Money and Add Security.

So many people from Saanich and Victoria so south each winter.  Sadly thieves look for empty homes or scan Facebook to find snowbirds posting photos from Arizona, Vegas, California, etc. Keep your most precious items safe in a Stop and Store Victoria secure box.

If you rent your home here you can reduce the risk of loss or damage to precious mementos and valuable. Many people in town who are going away for 3 months or longer rent out or sublease their place. To reduce the chance of damage to family valuables or reduce losses if there is theft or burglary, put your valuables, fragile items, or collectibles into our self storage. We have really small indoor units of many sizes. If you are planning an extended vacation then you should consider residential storage.

We give 24/7 access so your belongings will all be ready when you get back from that long trip or amazing adventure overseas. We make storage simple.  So call now and be worry-free while vacationing this winter.

Rent our smallest units today!

50% OFF 2 months on UPPER Self Storage Units*

*Prepaid Promotion *On Select Unit Sizes