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Snowbirds Leaving Victoria?
September 18, 2020
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Climate Control Necessary?
December 17, 2020
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Mini Storage Units For All Uses

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These great, low-cost mini storage units are perfect for a variety of reasons. From Snowbirds leaving Victoria for the Winter to Airbnb hosts who need a place to store valuable items away from guests. They are also perfect for students and people looking to hide away holiday gifts from prying eyes. Starting at only $38 a month, they are a steal of a deal!

Victoria’s Mini Storage Units

Secret Santa Storage

“I stopped by Walmart in #Victoria last week and see that they already have so much Christmas inventory. Being curious, I commented to a fellow shopper who was selecting Christmas stuff, “shopping early?” She said, “Yes! I shop all year long with most of the shopping in September and October”. What? Shop all year long?”

Where does she put it all? She told me that her family has a small storage locker which she uses as a Secret Santa space. As she finds gifts for people on sale, she purchases them and stores them away. She uses part of her unit to hide presents from inquiring minds and hands. She says now is the best time for price and selection. She has all the gifts wrapped early which gives her and her family time to thoroughly enjoy the units, victoria, mini units, cheap, small

Snowbird Travel Storage

Many Canadians look to get away from the Island during the Winter. Especially true if they have vacation homes in warmer places. Our mini storage units are ideal because they provide peace of mind. They can store the most valuable of possessions from their homes securely in one of these units. In fact, most home burglaries happen during the holiday season when homes sit empty.

Airbnb/VRBO Hosts

One of the most daunting things when renting your home through Airbnb/VRBO or any other short term rental app is the risk of theft or damage. Keep all of your valuable items inside a mini-unit at Stop and Store Victoria and never worry about losing the things you care about most. Our facility is monitored 24/7 and provides secure indoor storage.

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