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Fight Humidity in Your Storage Unit

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Okay, so we all love household tips, so why not give you a few that you can put to use in your storage unit. Well, one of the main issues we see is that people do not know how to contain the humidity in their storage unit. But did you know that it’s very easy to control humidity with some household items.

Fight humidity in Your Storage Unit

Now, storage items and water to do not mix. It’s in yours and our best interested to keep your storage unit, clean, dry and secure. Let start with dry.

Commercial Products

We know, we know, this isn’t household, but they are worth a mention because sometimes the ordinary does not cut it. This is a great product to use and you can pick it up and almost any hardware store. These commercial products have some very strong chemicals, so keep them away from pets and children.


That is right, that stuff that you cook with in the summer. Plain old charcoal briquettes work great when trying to fight the battle against moisture. Just place them in a bucket and make sure to change them every 1 to 2 months and they will leave your unit fresh and dry.

Kitty Litter

You may have guessed that this one was coming. But nothing absorbs your kitties’ moisture like kitty litter. Well, trade that kitty moisture for storage unit moisture and you go yourself and very cheap and easy way to fight humidity.

Dehumidifier & Fans

A dehumidifier is an appliance that you can buy that constantly sucks the moisture from the air and drys it out. However, ask us before leaving any electrical appliances plugged into your unit when you are not there. You can also use a regular household fan to keep the air circulating inside your storage unit. Stale and damp air is a sure way to ruin all your things.

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