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5 Odd Storage Items People Have Tried to Store

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You just won’t believe the odd things that some people have tried to store with us. We have taken the top 5 craziest storage items we have seen and made a list for you. Enjoy. Also, do not try and store any of these items, there are reasons why they made this list.

5 Odd Storage Items

1. Drugs

That’s right, drugs are a big no no when it comes to self storage, as they are illegal here in Canada, and we cannot take responsibility for these items. We will not obstruct any law enforcement should they show up with a warrant to search your storage locker. You and you alone are responsible for the contents of your locker.

2. Animals

That’s right, people have tried to store live animals in storage lockers. We can assure you that if we are made aware of a live animal being left inside a locker, we will call the local animal authorities and have it removed. Storage units are great for items, but not living things. It’s cruel to leave a poor animal in one of our units.

3. Plants

Okay, maybe not the craziest thing, but we have had cases where people try and store full large houseplants. They often realize that plants cannot survive without sunlight and will die. When they die, they rot and that attracts insects and mould. Keep plants out of self storage.

4. Guns

Yep, you may think it’s actually OK to store your weapons in our storage units, but here in Canada we do have strict gun laws. Before you plan to store these with us, ask us first. In many cases the weapon needs to be disassembled, stored inside a locked box and separate from any ammunition. But better safe than sorry, just ask us.

5. Humans

Yes, sometimes we find people inside our storage units. Hey, you may think it’s a cheap place to stay since the rent is so low. But this is a big no no, you cannot sleep inside the units. In some cases, we heard people trying to hide undocumented migrants inside storage lockers (not ours). Keep storage lockers for things, not people.

There you have it. 5 odd storage items people have tried to store. Got anything better? Leave a comment down below. Need Storage? We have it for you.



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