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A Guide to Washer and Dryer Storage

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A good washing machine and dryer could cost you thousands. So when you are moving you want to be sure that you can store them safely. At Stop and Store Victoria, we get plenty of washers and dryers in our storage facility. So we have come up with a simple guide on washer and dryer storage just for you.

Washer and Dryer Storage Tips


Prepping your washer and dryer may seem easy, but there a few things you need to do ensure they are fully prepped for storage.

  1. Get rid of any left over detergent. Run the washer on HOT a few times and add a cup on vinegar to get all those suds out.
  2. Clean the outside when a damp cloth and try to get the grime and dirt off the unit.
  3. Turn off the water before you disconnect the hoses. Turn off the breakers before you disconnect the power cords.
  4. The dryer just requires a quick wipe with a cloth and the lint trap to be emptied.


Finding the right storage facility should be your first option. Washers and dryers are heavy so make sure they have load ramps and dollies available for use.

  1. Wrap up each machine. Use blankets to ensure no damage happens to the outside. Tape shut all the doors to prevent them swinging open, or rodents getting inside.
  2. Keep the washer and dryer off the ground with pallets. Keeping them off the ground prevents rust and water damage.
  3. Make sure the coverings stay on the units throughout storage.
  4. Do not stack items on top of the units. Heavy items can cause damage to the washer and dryer, they are not meant to bare weight.

Take care of your expensive equipment, use the right prep techniques and storage tips to ensure they stay in the best shape possible.