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Fall Cleaning Checklist

fall cleaning, checklist

September 21st marked the official last day of Summer. While we bid farewell to a summer much too short, we are able to look forward to pumpkin spice and fall colors. Make sure your home is as ready as you are with this fall cleaning checklist.

The Best Fall Cleaning Checklist

Inside Your Home

Always start inside your home, we suggest picking a cold or rainy day for this job, as you wouldn’t want to do the exterior of the home in that kind of weather. Let’s begin:

  • Cushions, fabrics, curtains should be taken down, vacuumed and aired out. (choose a nicer day to do this)
  • Vacuum everywhere, under appliances as well. (your fridge has wheels to move it out)
  • Clean any tile or wood flooring.
  • Clean any ceiling fans and consider having your heating vents and ducts professionally cleaned.
  • Doors, inside and around the edges.
  • Screens and the inside of windows could use a good wash. (lots of time to stare out of them into the cold)

Outside Your Home

This will require a nicer day, preferably a few nice days in a row. We don’t want any unexpected rain slowing you down.

  • Window exteriors. (cleaning the inside first will make this easier)
  • Power wash any concrete or deck furniture.
  • Store any cleaned and unneeded deck furniture or tools that will be ruined by the cold.
  • Gutters and down pipes should be debris free to ensure proper rain removal.
  • Clean out the garage and any sheds that will be locked up when winter hits.
  • Clean and put your barbecue into storage.

Following this fall cleaning checklist will allow you adequate time to make sure your home is ready for the bad winter we are forecasted to have this year. If you can think of any other tips, leave a comment down below!

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