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Climate Control Necessary?

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One of the important decisions when picking a self storage location is: “Do I need climate control?”. This is an important thing to know as it directly affects the items that you choose to store. We at Stop and Store Victoria are here to help you decide whether you need to get a climate controlled storage unit.

Do I need Climate Control?

Great question, but the answer isn’t so straight forward. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of this.

What am I storing?

Here in Victoria, BC the weather goes from cold to hot. So temperature changes are part in parcel of the climate here, and a few items are susceptible to extreme climate change. They are as follows:

  • Mattresses and Sheets
  • Sports Equipment
  • Metal items
  • Book and paperwork

Now each type of weather has a different effect on each item, but neither is good. So if storing these items keep these things in mind. Paper and books for example, will yellow and turn unreadable if they are exposed to extreme heat.

What climate control does it keep the average temperature constant, preventing any damage due to temperatures.


Another important factor to consider is the humidity of your unit. High humidity can cause problems for photographs and low humidity can dry and crack things like leather chairs, sofas even that pair to leather pants. However, climate controlled does not mean humidity controlled, make sure you ask your storage company specifically if they offer humidity control should you need it.

Do I need Climate Control

The average person does NOT need a climate controlled unit. If you have sensitive items to store, it may be something worth looking into, but here in Victoria, with our moderate climate, and our indoor facility climate control is overkill. Getting a climate controlled unit can bring your storage costs way up, making it not economically viable to store items.

Still unsure if you need climate control? Give our experts a call today, and we will help you decide.

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