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Unusual Self Storage Uses

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You would be surprised at the things that people store, checkout the list below.

Unusual Self Storage Uses

Storage for Charity

Limbcare is a charity which helps amputees and distributes used prosthetic limbs from Access Self Storage in Addlestone, Surrey. Roy Wright (far right) says: ‘The self storage facility is ideal because access is easy. The company generously let us use it rent free and it is on the ground floor, so we don’t have to climb stairs and push trolleys around.’

Music School in Storage

Musician Paul Bowe runs the Stockport Music Academy from Safestore in Stockport. He says: ‘If you walked past my unit, you wouldn’t have a clue that inside there is a fully functioning music academy, complete with recording studio.

Mr. Bowe says “At the beginning when I moved in, it was just a blank space which meant I could adapt it to meet my requirements. I got in specialists who sound-proofed the space and improved the acoustics with wood, polystyrene and filler and I had a recording studio built. Around 150 to 200 people use the academy.”

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Fashion Biz in Storage

Trish Richards and Brad Cheng run the fashion brand Wear Chemistry from Shurgard self storage facility in Kennington, London. Trish says: ‘ We realized there were businesses being run out of the storage facility we used and when we returned in 2010 it made a lot of sense to base our business there.

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Art Studios Inside Self Storage

Creating art can be done outdoors but where do you find room for your paintings sculptures and crafts. People are finding more and more uses for self storage from personal gyms to business incubators. One emerging trend is art studios and even art galleries inside heated storage units. Why does this appeal to some painters, sculptures, craft artists and art restorers?

First it is dedicated space away from the distractions of job, roommates, children and pets. You can set up your gear and leave it knowing it’s not in anyone’s way nor will it need to be moved out of other’s way. This saves the time of repeatedly setting up and taking down art materials.

The second reason is the low cost. In most parts of Canada a small locker can be rented for about $100 a month. Where else can you rent a studio for anywhere close?

Third is the flexibility to expand for a larger project or just try it out. No self storage asks for long-term contracts.

Here are some examples. Bridge ArtSpace near Oakland has converted several storage buildings to Artist Studios and Music Rehearsal Studios. From outside they look like typical storage buildings but they have skylights, insulation, power and water making these ideal spaces for expressing your creative side. As the first experiments were successful the owners hired an “Art Space Manager” to market to the Bay area a burgeoning population of artists and musicians looking for a space to work. The owners then built-out more art space units. As they reached critical mass art events, showings and parties took place in a 1,000 square-foot gallery space.

In Columbia Maryland, Brentwood ezStorage is situated in the heart of the Prince Georges County Arts District. So it was natural to start offering and marketing art studios.

Only a few years back in Canada there was no wine storage and few operating businesses inside self storage. Just as that is changing fast I expect we will soon find several artist studios inside mini storage in cities like Edmonton, Vancouver or Toronto. If you manage storage with an artistic renter please share your experience — we would love to hear from you.

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