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This Man Lived In A Storage Unit For 2 Months

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We have to state that living inside your storage unit is illegal, dangerous and will get you evicted really quickly. As we understand it, this man had an agreement with the Storage company and they seemed to not mind him living there. This is such an incredible story, just wait until you see what he did.

 Even complete with “Nun-chucks”

Living In A Storage Unit

The story here is, a You-tuber that goes by “007craft” spent the past few months walking the Pacific Crest Trail. This trail is 4300 km long and takes people months and months to complete. While he was walking this trail he was living inside his Honda Civic and using the storage room for his other things.

When he finished, he started to look for an apartment, however in the meantime he had a limbo of 2 months before he could move in. So, he decided to turn his storage unit into a temporary home. His amazing ingenuity inside this 10×10 unit, gave him a full queen sized bed, a 4k TV with surround sound, a sink, fridge, and stove. All packed tightly into this unit not an inch of space was wasted.

How did he use the bathroom or find water? Well the storage facility had a bathroom for the customers which he used, and he almost design a pop-up shower for, which would drain through a hole in the bathroom floor. He ran out of time to make the shower. Water was provided by the two water fountains inside the facility. Through a system of  funnels and tubes he had running water inside his unit.

We highly recommend you watch this video, it shows that ingenuity of some people knows no bounds.

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