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What Kind of Christmas Tree do You Need?

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Christmas 2020 is fast approaching and you and your family should be preparing to get a Christmas tree. What you may not know is that there are many types of Christmas trees available. Let us try and help explain the different types and which ones are best.

What Christmas Tree do I Need?

1. Douglas Fir

These are the most common trees that are on hand at many, if not all Christmas tree farms. They are dark green and have soft needles. This is great if you have kids or pets that might try and touch the tree. They also have that classic smell that is loved by many Canadians.

2. Colorado Blue Spruce

These have a silvery blue colour while retaining that classic Christmas tree shape. Big fat bottom and a slender top. These trees do not lose their needles as often as the Douglas Fir and make a great choice if you want to have the tree around for a little longer.

3. Balsam, Fraser and Canaan Fir Trees

These trees are a lot harder to find, as they are much more expensive than their counterparts. The price comes with some great benefits, which include stiffer branches, non shedding needles and a very strong smell which will make the whole house smell like Christmas. They are much heavier, but they hold heavier decorations much better.

4. Fake Christmas Tree

Nothing wrong with going fake, in fact, fake trees are becoming more and more popular. They are re-usable, always look good, fire-proof and save you a trip to get a tree each year. They do require seasonal storage, and could take up a lot of room depending on the size you choose. Try and buy these fake trees in the off season as they can become quite expensive. One of our storage experts managed to snag one for just $31!

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