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Must Do’s When Moving with Your Dog

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Planning a big move? Do you have a dog? Well, you won’t want to miss this article. Moving with your dog can be a challenging task, but we here at Stop and Store Victoria have the tips to help you. Don’t move with your dog before you read this article.

How to Move with Your Dog

Moving is stressful on animals, so make sure that you take the proper steps to keep the stress low.

1. Up-to-Date Identificationdog, collar, tag

Moving to a new location with your dog means that your dog might not know his way around yet. If your dog gets lost, then it is very possible they won’t be able to find their new home. Make sure to update their collars and tags with the new phone number and address of your new home.

2. Pack Enough Food

It’s easy to get caught up in packing and before you realize it, you have already packed away your dog’s food and it’s on the truck headed for the new home. Be sure to prepare a baggie of enough doggy food for the journey, don’t forget the water either!

3. Accustom your Dog to the Cardog, car, trip

This is something many people forget to do. If you do not take your dog in the car often, then expecting good behaviour during a long journey is a stretch. Before you move, start taking your pup on drives and getting them used to the car environment.

4. Find Local Vets

Before you move, make sure to know where the local vets are. Nothing is worse than needing a vet and not knowing or doing any research on vets near your new home. Better be safe than sorry.

dog, playing, rest5. Take Breaks

Just like you, your dog needs bathroom breaks too. Try to find a rest stop with a grassy field that your dog can stretch its legs out on. Play some fetch to get both of you moving. Be sure to follow the rules of the rest stop, make sure it’s okay to let dogs loose.

6. Separate Your Car

Make sure that you have a barrier or divider in your car to keep your pup in his space. Having a loose dog on the highway is a real danger for an accident. Keep you and your dog safe.

7. Dog Friendly Hotels

It may slip your mind, but if you are making a trip long enough to require a hotel stay, make sure it’s dog friendly. It’s a real bummer to be turned away from your reservation, especially late at night. Keep you and your pup happy by finding pet friendly hotels.

8. Make Your Dog Feel at Home

Put your dog at easy by bringing his favourite bed, toys, towels etc. Moving is stressful, and these home comforts will go a long way, especially when moving long distances.

Do you have any pet moving tips? Leave a comment down below!

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