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How to Move in Winter

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Do I want to move in summer heat or winter chill?   A recent survey showed more than half prefer winter.  A successful move requires some planning. Stop and Store Victoria has some tips for a wintertime move.

How to Move in Winter

Utilities Turned on Before Moving Day:

Make sure utilities are connected and working at the new home. You need heat light and water when the movers and you arrive. The safest plan is to double-check a few days in advance.  If you can’t be at the new home, perhaps your realtor can do this for you. 

Snow and Ice Cleared Beforehand:  

Before moving day, make sure sidewalks and driveways are cleared.  A “slip and fall” or a trip to the ER will not only hurt, they will delay the move and add expense. Try to get both places cleared the day before and lay down salt and sand to keep them safe. If you can’t visit your new home beforehand, ask your agent or property manager to check the area for you.


Plan a Parking Area for the Moving Truck

Regardless of what time of year you move, you should always ensure there’s parking available for the moving truck. It may mean negotiating with your new neighbors or blocking off an area with orange cones.  

Salt and Sand:

Keep sand/salt and shovels on hand inside the moving truck and your own car. It can be a lifesaver at either end of the move or in route. If you have a storage unit, it’s a good idea to keep extra salt and sand inside it.

Pets Need Plans:

Most pets don’t like harsh weather, and adjusting to a new home will be stressful. See if you can move them on a day other than Moving Day. For example, move them a day or two early and into a kennel or friend’s home so they are away from all the controlled chaos.

Cold Sensitive Packing:

Cold items are brittle and the temperature inside the truck will be freezing. Protect glass, electronics, porcelain and fine furniture with foam or bubble wrap as well as blankets or moving pads.

Protect Floors from Snow, Salt & Grit:

High traffic areas need protection from snow, sand, and water. Your hardwood floors can be severely damaged by water or salt. Grit and Sand can destroy the finish on floor tile. Use large pieces of cardboard or plastic sheeting. Cardboard works best for carpeted area.

Dress in Layers: 

Think ahead to have a hat and gloves. As you work you will be warm (layers off) and then outside or waiting you will be cold (layers back on).  Have some blankets with you. Have a plug in kettle ready to make coffee or cocoa.

Stop and Store has many more moving tips and storage tips on our Blog. Also, Like us on Facebook where we have weekly tips.

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